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KLAWA Klangwahrnehmung - Listening Academy Heidelberg


» Instrument advice


» Listening training 


» Test software / training


You or your child would like to learn a musical instrument


You would like to train and improve the auditory perception, attention and listening qualities and perceive  your environment more understandably, pleasantly and/or sensitively


As a music therapist or music teacher, you want to use your methods even more unerringly




But which music instrument would fit?

  • How do you decide on the right music instrument if you are not yet really familiar with it?
  • Or doubts arise later as to whether another music instrument might be more suitable?


With the help of a computer test, your personal sound perception profile is built and analysed. The consultation of suitable music instruments is based on many years of research and takes into account your previous musical experience. You can make an appointment in Heidelberg on site or you can test at home on your own computer and send the results to us for a consultation.



Can this be improved?

  • Do you miss some sound details as a musician?
  • Do you find it increasingly difficult to understand the people around you?
  • Do everyday noises increasingly get on your nerves?

With specially processed music and natural sounds from headphones, hearing training promotes relaxed and active listening.  It was developed on a scientific basis for healthy listeners and musicians or singers, as well as for people with hearing difficulties or disorders such as tinnitus, noise sensitivity and/or hearing loss.



What resonates with your counterpart in at all?

  • How can you best optimize your therapy in the field of audio-psycho phonology?
  •  What do you as a music teacher have to pay attention to if your student has completely differently listening qualities than you do?

If you offer the KLAWA sound perception test yourself, you will gain direct insight into the hearing and listening qualities of your clients/students. The test was developed from many years of basic research at the University of Heidelberg and is adapted to different areas of application. The supplementary training helps you to better understand the results.