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AULOS Hearing Training - Improve your Perception

Active individUalized Listening OptimizationS

...for everyone who wants to train and improve their auditory perception, attention and listening qualities

Since March 2021 we offer the AULOS listening training in our rooms of the Heidelberg Hearing Academy on a one-to-one basis. On the one hand, this is suitable for healthy adolescents and adults who would like to improve or sensitize their listening skills, especially as musicians or singers. On the other hand, listeners with hearing difficulties or disorders such as tinnitus, sensitivity to noise, hearing loss, but also stress symptoms, depressive moods and attention deficits will find relief.

Our new AULOS listening training includes both: Active, relaxed listening, on the other hand also individually adapted listening training. We use music and nature sounds individually adapted to the respective hearing profile. The goal is to bring hearing and listening to a healthy balance again, to open the ears, to compensate for malfunctions of the auditory system, and to counteract the many stress factors in today's lifestyle through conscious listening. In addition, we would like to train focused listening in social settings as well as blocking out unnecessary information and raise awareness of valuable sounds. We place special emphasis on helping listeners regain inner peace in our listening rooms.

Research background

AULOS listening training is based on our own long-standing neurological research on sound perception (according to Hermann von Helmholtz) as well as the concept of audio-psycho phonology (according to Alfred Tomatis). The AULOS listening training programs carried out last year as part of our basic research with a total of 50 young and older musicians and non-musicians with proportionally diverse hearing deficits and also tinnitus etc. showed almost without exception all a surprisingly high degree of effectiveness (balancing of the hearing and significant alleviation of hearing and listening deficits as well as disturbing noises). We are currently working on the publication (www.musicandbrain.de).



  • 3 - day AULOS wellness package includes:
    • Preliminary talk, preliminary acoustics measurement for hearing and listening, introduction to content
    • 6 hours of listening training
    • Price: 300.- €
  • 7 - 9 day Ear-fit compact training with therapeutic orientation
    • Preliminary talk, hearing-acoustic pre-measurements, introduction to content
    • 20 hours of listening training (approx. 3 hours/day)
    • Hearing-acoustic post-measurements and follow-up discussion
    • Price: 980.- €

The AULOS Wellness Package can also be upgraded to the AULOS Compact Training or carried out as a refresher after the Compact Training.

Due to the current Corona-related limitations, we currently only offer individual support. Participation is not only possible during the day, but also in the evening (flexible according to time arrangement).

If you are interested and have further questions, please contact us by email (schneider@musicandbrain.de) or phone +49 (0)6221 3264455 or mobile +49 (0)176 62411277.